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The Latest In Electronics

Welcome to the Couch Potato Guide. This site is designed as a repository for computer, electronics and photography products and information built by its members. If you feel you can contribute to the collected knowledge on this site, please feel free to do so. Many pages allow you to contribute information.

Digital Camcorders

Panasonic AG-DVC30
Panasonic's AG-DVC30 represents the company's entry into what you could call the prosumer-lite camcorder category. These cameras are a step down from higher-priced, entry-level pro cameras with 1/3-inch CCDs, notable examples of which include Canon's XL2, Sony's PD170, and Panasonic's DVX100A. Cameras in the prosumer-lite category have three 1/4-inch chips and are more compact, simplified, and consumer-oriented than their more-expensive siblings. The AG-DVC30 raises the bar in this category by offering both a broad range of pro features and appealing touches such as a clean IR mode and a handsomely designed magnesium-alloy body.


HP Compaq Business Notebook nc4010
HP Compaq's Business Notebook nc4010, one of the company's two ultraportable business laptops, demonstrates the utmost efficiency in case design. The nc4010, which starts at $1,685 as of October 2004, crams a nearly full-size keyboard, a 12.1-inch display, a touch pad and a pointing stick, plus plenty of ports into a petite and lightweight case. The system made quick work of some stiff competition in CNET Labs' mobile benchmarks, besting other prime-time corporate ultraportable laptops, including the Dell Latitude D400 and the IBM ThinkPad X31.

Networking and Wireless

D-Link DWL-2100AP
For tech experts who want to go wireless but hate the thought of tossing out their wired Ethernet routers, the D-Link DWL-2100AP provides a quick, easy way to add 802.11b/g Wi-Fi to a network or to wirelessly bridge existing LANs. For those who already have a couple of D-Link wireless routers in place, such as the D-Link DI-624, the D-Link DWL-2100AP can also function as a WDS (wireless distribution system) bridge between the two.


Dell 1700n
The Dell 1700n black-and-white laser printer is a good choice at $299 for a small business or a home office that's ready to experience convenient workgroup printing without busting the budget to have network readiness. With just a 200MHz processor and 15,000 maximum pages printed monthly, the Dell 1700n wouldn't be able to support the U.S. Government Printing Office, but it nicely handles a network of several busy people.


Philips 42PF9996
Although it looks just like many other 42-inch flat-panel TVs in stores today, Philips's 42PF9996 has two characteristics that should make its $9,999 list price seem a bit more palatable. One is that it uses LCD technology, joining other sets such as the Sharp LC-45GX6U, the Samsung LTP468W, and the Sony KDL-42XBR950 to challenge plasma for big-screen flat-panel supremacy.
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